—Centre d’Arts Santa Mònica, ongoing.

VISUAL VOCABULARIES is a translation project of the SANTA MÒNICA Vocabularies: fifty-one terms that together form an open-ended glossary that constantly rethinks the arts centre’s “structure, nature and function.” Through drawing and illustration, and with a playful and critical look, seven artists were invited to transform these terms each through their particular visual language. VISUAL VOCABULARIES is an invitation to expand definitions and contribute to the process of collective and multiple lexical composition that Santa Mònica cultivates. The participating artists are Marta Cartu, Néstor F., Alba Feito, Julio Linares, Gala Pont, Clara-Iris Ramos and Clara Sáez

Published in the book Instantánea de una nueva institución: Vocabularios para la colectivización artística (Galaxia Gutenberg, 2024).

VISUAL VOCABULARIES was conceived during my 2022–23 residency at Santa Mònica, as part of the Edition Guild.