—gestalten. 2014

I am very interested in the multiple ways of observing, ordering and visualizing the world. Maps, afterall, can be understood as attempts to detect and create order over geography. Released between the two map books, VISUAL FAMILIES unveils all the playful and inventive visual ways of ordering the world through illustration and graphic design. This compendium finds joy in taxonomies and tackles a variety of subjects, from music and film to flora and fauna and everything in between.

“Visual Families takes a deep plunge into the world of this now popular visual language, showcasing compelling examples by various artists whilst exploring how visual-family charts have been used by newspapers, magazines, books, and even company reports to tell a story or convey a message. Adding a bit of excitement and colour to stories that would otherwise be dull and boring, the works contained in Visual Families ask the viewer to take a closer look, make comparisons and perhaps discover a message hidden underneath their colourful surface.”

Editors: Antonis Antoniou & gestalten
Cover art: Max Dalton
Publication date: August 2014
Language: English