—Personal project, 2016–2022.

In 2016, I founded RANDOM ARCHITECTURE MEMORIES, a video archive and a curatorial exercise around a popular, expansive reading of architecture—think both MTV and MIT.

Drawing from diverse sources (music videos, TV series, reportages, documentaries, commercials, etc.), R.A.M. functioned as a type of notebook designed on a simple grid layout. Each video included footnotes in the form of a collage of quotes taken from related articles, books, or essays. This collage was a guide to create connections or help introduce related concepts. Contents were tagged and categorized, including indices for people and buildings, as well as a map of video locations.

The most popular video on RAM also marks its spirit: the MTV CRIBS 2002 episode featuring Paulina Rubio at Ricardo Bofill’s La Fábrica. Other popular choices included Reyner Banham Loves Los Angeles (dir. Julian Cooper / 1972), Massive Attack’s Protection (dir. Michel Gondry / 1995), and a timelapse of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window Timelapse by Jeff Desom.