—Centre d’Arts Santa Mònica. 2024

I worked with the Spaces Guild at SANTA MÒNICA to design a graphic identity for EntreActes, “a program of experimental actions and activations during the period between exhibitions.” They needed a wayfinding sign that would integrate within the existing directional sign system in La Rambla and at the same time disrupt it.

The solution was inspired by the pictographic language of motion. Most pictograms showing humans capture transient moments and actions, movements from one space to another, changes from one state or situation to a different one, at times taking a snapshot of the final event between life and death. These freeze frames form a visual glossary of everyday choreographies.

One of the best-known and most ubiquitous pictograms is the EXIT sign. It portrays the nearest exit with a figure running towards or through a door. In this context, the door becomes the architectural element that represents the in-between, marking the border between inside and outside, mortality and safety. I reinterpreted and reversed this image for EntreActes, giving the generic door the iconicity of the Santa Mònica portal. The solitary running figure transforms into a group procession and its members are caught in different states of this “in-between”: falling, running, crawling, even flying.